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September 03, 2017

Over the last few years a website has been quietly under works to help enhance musical artists in support of their passion for music. We know how important music is in our own lives and how much work and dedication goes into each and every song that we love to sing in the shower or dance around to.

As artists you practice and work tirelessly to improve and perfect your craft. We’ve been doing the same in bringing you MusicMelter, we now have a very exciting and amazingly easy-to-use tool for the music industry. Just like the artists we’ve built this for, we will continue to improve and can’t wait to bring you some awesome new upgrades and features in the very near future.

We won’t spill all of our secrets here quite yet, but you’ll love what’s coming and won’t believe how much will be available for you to expand and grow your music to new heights.

For now you can enjoy MusicMelter to the fullest by using your 100% music news feed with all of your current and future music friends, or find the perfect fit for your music whether it’s the perfect artists, instruments and equipment or local music-businesses that suite your needs.

This is just the very beginning of our music adventure together, our door is always open to your input and suggestions that will make your experience even better, because we’ve built this for you.

Have fun, respect each other, stay creative and thank you for the music.

Welcome to MusicMelter – Where your music matters.

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Jacqueline (Across The Board)
/ April 20, 2017 Reply

We really have been enjoying this app Music Melter! Launched it at Canadian Music Week and have been using it in conjunction with our social media throughout the conference– looking forward to big things from Music Melter ahead! Good luck and congrats on a terrific platform!

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