Toronto Launch!

May 03, 2016

MusicMelter is making Toronto/Ontario its first home, bringing this exciting and useful new platform to every Toronto musician and musical artist.

Toronto has always been a very diverse and multi-cultural city, much like its amazing   music scene. What better place to launch a site that is dedicated to helping, enhancing and connecting all things music.

MusicMelter’s goal is to create the most useful online tool in an artist’s tool box, a tool that assists in the growth and connectivity of each artist, not just in this city but the cities that will be very rapidly following; opening doors and possibilities, not only here, but beyond the great city of Toronto.

Yes… We are an online platform, but we are not like most others. The value of MusicMelter is solely dependant upon the value that it brings to those using it. To have virtually every single musician and artist in Toronto/Ontario is what we strive for, allowing each of you to have the strongest community and home for your music.

With a population of 6,815,400 in the Greater Toronto Area alone, there are a lot of musicians and artists out there!

What we are trying to say is that our music integrity will not have us launch our next MusicMelter city until we are well on our way to reaching our goals. We will become a standard in the Toronto music scene as we continue to grow and bring even more your way.

With a population of 6,815,400 in the Greater Toronto Area alone, there are a lot of musicians and artists out there! Whether someone is just starting to stroke their first strings of their guitar, touch their first keys of a piano or sing their first note on key, MusicMelter will be there for whatever is in store for them.

For the artists just having fun and enjoying their true passion of music, all the way to the artists who are on the cusp of being discovered, signed or even already making their living doing what they love, we are there for you too.

Welcome Toronto… Welcome to the beginning of MusicMelter.

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